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  3. silken-silence-uk:

    A girl who can look this cool when she’s bound and gagged in her sexiest underwear has to be tied up because she wants to be…

    (via bound-2-b-loved)

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  5. tease-me-squeeze-me:

    The gift video returns!

    Let’s see if it lasts!


  6. How to Make an Elegant Rope Leash by TKB

  7. Rope Shackle by Two Knotty Boys.avi

  8. misskaciemarie:

    Designers ! Do you wanna see one of your pieces in one of the most talked about and controversial underground films? Direct message me for details. #TheSadistFilm //

    Photo credit @ellenstagg

  9. How to Tie a Panel Knot by TKB

  10. The Ankle Wrap by TKB

  11. moviesexvideotape:

    Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut 1999

  12. moviesexvideotape:

    Scarlett Johansson / Under The Skin 2013

  13. vegasbondage:



    Margot Robbie / The Wolf of Wall Street 2013

    I’d fuck her goddamn brains out


    I like posing

  14. photo by clarmike

    model is Artemis Fauna