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  3. matthew-ring:

    Sam Huggins

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  5. Ode to Tumblr

    Oh Tumblr,
    you wicked little bitch
    who makes pussies quiver
    and leave our cocks twitch.

    You feast on our time
    and devour our text
    just one more scroll….
    to see what’s next.

    There’s seduction, doms,
    humor and wit
    My GOD that things HUGE!
    How will it fit!?

    You make us all tingle
    where it always feels best…
    Oh look a puppy!
    Hey look at my chest!

    You tempt our bodies,
    with our eyes we feed
    You’re an addiction, an escape
    and just what we need.

    Copyright Classyperversions
  6. misskaciemarie:

    Kacie Marie by Jon Macapodi

  7. misskaciemarie:

    when you feel alone..

    Kacie Marie

    by Jon Macapodi

  8. misskaciemarie:

    Kacie Marie

    by Jon Macapodi 

  9. misskaciemarie:


    Kacie Marie

    By Jon Macapodi 

  10. markvelasquez:

    The temptations of men are far scarier than the nightmares of children.


    From my shoot of Miss Kacie Marie in NYC. A great day.

  11. Jocelyn Binder

  12. markvelasquez:

    Miss Kacie Marie in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, 2013