1. bondagecafe:

    Had a quite spectacular shoot with officiallymosh today. She told me she wanted to do tough, crazy #bondage - and we did… with style and flair - great stuff. You’ll be seeing the first set very soon…

  2. bondagecafe:

    Like I said… crazy tough #bondage with officiallymosh is going up very soon. Wow.

  3. bondagecafe:

    Fetish superstar DitaVonTeese is up in the bondagecafe archives today. Absolutely glorious bondage of a true legend. Classic.

  4. bondagecafe:

    @KendraJames13 was in the house today… shot some very cool #fetish and #bondage… yummy.

  5. markvelasquez:

    "Kacie amongst the trees," a never-published image now available in this special edition book!


    Only 40 copies left!
    I’m proud to finally announce the completion of my almost 100-page booklet featuring images that Kacie Marie and I and have shot together since the day we met. These photos were taken from LA to NYC over the last five years and are some of the best works I have ever shot with anyone.

    Order yours today while they are still available!

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  9. miss-lilex:

    Photo by Dave Krysl. 

    Check out his work at or
    And please give him a like. Very much appreciated! 

  10. heavenlyredheads:

    Beautiful model Laryssa Rose. Just look at those legs, beautifully dressed in thigh highs.

    She sent me this pic personally and you can see more of her on her website, and follow her on Twitter here: @LaryssaRose21

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  11. tmronin:

    as promised, the uncensored version of misskaciemarie & kaypossibie BTS from last week.

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  12. misskaciemarie:

    she felt the sun crawl all over her

    Kacie Marie

    by Corwin Prescott 

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  14. Lauren Bowgen